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Kitchens Flinders Park

At Alluring Kitchens we specialize in utilizing existing kitchens and turning them into modern master pieces. We deal in a large range of finishes including laminate, melamine, 2pack, vinyl and the list goes on.

Services We Offer
  • New Kitchens
  • Benchtops
  • Splashbacks
  • Alterations
  • Rejuvenations
  • Appliance installs
About Us

Benchtop replacements. Spice up the kitchen with a new benchtop. We do removals and replacements of the old top for new generally within a day and have you going about your daily use of the kitchen that night. With a large range of laminate providers available to us. We can provide just about any brand to suit your application.

Alluring Kitchens in Flinders Park

We can also renew your current splash back with a choice from our huge range of various coloured glass. We can also do custom colours to suit your needs. We understand that sometimes there needs to be that extra choice.
I'm also a qualified tiller so if a tiled splash back is more your choice we can do that for you also.

I strive to make alterations something that you need to go no further for. I've been doing custom alterations for many years now and have the understanding and knowledge to know what's achievable. None of this guess work or telling you it cant be done.
We can make custom trims for over or undersized appliances.

Often even match an old laminate colour to suit. Polish timber to match existing and have paint spectro matched for a matched finish.

We carry a huge range of handles to choose from to make your kitchen complete

We have the know how to operate and co-ordinate your job from start to finish this means if we need to get an appliance installed or connected we can quote you for this from our first meeting with you. We only use and trust our qualified electrician and plumber.

If this is something that you think may appeal to you please by all means give us a call today.