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Austec's Electrical solutions are unique to your installation and are designed to match your every need at a cost that is catered to your situation. Be it domestic, solar, industrial or power generation, Austec has the power to connect.

Services We Offer
  • Electrical
  • Solar
  • Air Conditioning
  • Telephones and Data
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power Generation
  • "Austec has a vast collection of clients. Thus we are able to deal with everyone on their level"

About Us

Austec has had a very long and industrious history. With the companies founding in 1985; We have near on 30 years of electrical and air conditioning experience to relay to you and the solutions that we offer are catered to your requirements.

Our domestic division has a true 27/7 callout service with a qualified Electrician or Refrigeration Mechanic on site within in 2 hours. During normal business hours our trained team of courteous Electricians, Builders and Refrigeration Mechanics are able to provide the best quality work available so that you have the power to connect. Our office staff are able to assist in any enquiry or issues that you might have.

Our power generation division is run by one of Perth’s preeminent power generation experts, Mr Robert Motuzas. His expertise in the Power Generation and Renewable Energy field is well known in Western Australia, with over 30 power stations of his design still in function.

With the growth of renewable energies, Austec has been constructing Renewable Power stations, since 1995. These range from 20kw to 10Mw. many have been for hospitals and mines, we are able to silence a 1.5Mw Cummins engine down to 50dbA at 20m. This is a remarkable achievement, since it also performed at 95% load at 45 C without overheating.

Austec's Air Conditioning arm has been one of the founding pillars of the company, where we provide all forms of HVAC, be it modest 1.5Kw split system or a 1.5Mw HVAC system. We are able to provide the best possible solution through our experience, knowledge and understanding of what the clients want.

Data and Telecommunications surround us. Here at Austec, we are able to connect you with the latest technology so that you stay connected. We offer all telecommunication services, standard copper telephone, Ethernet (Cat5e and Cat6e), optic fibre and coax systems.

Austec Building is the newest addition to the Austec family. Austec Building can handle all of you paving, tiling, and general construction. Austec Building is also very experienced in demountable buildings, having moved over 2000 of them in 7 years for the State and Federal government.

Austec is accredited by ARC, The Office of Energy, HIA, and the Solar Energy Council.