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Ecowise Landscaping - Instant Lawn Adelaide is committed to re-turfing adelaides’ lawn with a beautiful high quality living product grown right here in the South of Adelaide. At Ecowise - Instant Lawn Adelaide we ensure our prices are kept to a minimum as it is important that as many valued client...

Services We Offer
  • Turf Laying Specialists
  • Drought Resistant Landscaping
  • Tipper Hire
  • Mini Digger
  • Mulching
  • Roll out lawn Supply and lay
  • Turf Supply and Laying
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening Services
  • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed
  • "Our Current pricing starts from as little as $9/m for supply & lay + prep work"

About Us

Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide have been providing this professional service for many years and we have all undertaken serious training/schooling to gain certification in HORTICULTURE & Landscaping to ensure we provide you the best. We can edge your lawn, cut your lawn and remove all clippings and we also go that one step further and weed spray all paths and garden beds every service so you'll never have to worry about weeding again. This is all part of our quality service. We can assist with a total lawn care service to core and aerate your lawn, prevent pests and disease from damaging your lawn and apply a fertiliser program or even a top-dressing service to ensure your lawn is the best in the street. Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide can provide a ride-on mower service for large properties or commercial clients and a block slashing service.
Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide can provide a regular service 2, 3 or 4 weekly to suit your needs or a once-off garden tidy up. We can offer hedging, pruning & topiary, Tree removal (to 10m) & shaping, gutter cleaning, weed eradication, spraying of weeds &/or pests, mulching of garden beds and rubbish removal. A complete Garden & Landscaping Design service is also available to install you a new garden or progressively achieve your goal over time.
Currently Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide have clients in and around the following suburbs and districts but as our business is growing it will extend – Mt Compass & Sellicks Beach, Aldinga Beach & Maslin Beach, McLaren Vale & McLaren Flat, Seaford & Port Noarlunga, Old / Noarlunga & Christies Beach, Morphett Vale & Woodcroft, Aberfoyle Park & Flagstaff Hill, O'Sullivans Beach & Hallett Cove and everywhere in between.
Done Professionally and Done NOW - at a price to suit your budget.

Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide have been installing high quality fully landscaped gardens to either new builds or established properties. We provide a free measure and quote service that includes plans, drawings and ensure we can deliver you you expectations to fit to your budget. We design Modern, Contemporary, Formal or Native gardens to provide your family with privacy for Mums & Dads and play areas for the kids and dogs. Having built twice and having 3 Children I understand that a garden needs to be both beautiful, practical, offer low maintenance and most of all be affordable.
We can provide retaining walls in both concrete sleepers or block walling laid on a concrete foundation as our reactive soils move considerably and exceed minimum requirements to provide a lifetime of enjoyment & structural soundness. We supply and lay brick edging, slate edging and timber edging the define your lawn and garden and to provide a mowing edge.
Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide hold Certificates in Horticulture, Tuf Management and also Landscape Construction to provide you with a beautiful garden that is designed to enhance your property and increase it's value. We understand plants, their life span, their heights & sizes and their water usage and coupled with an irrigation system and topped with a visually appealing mulch your garden will be the best in the street whilst costing you a minimal cost.
Services that we can provide : Complete Desing & Installation, Plant selection, Paving, Retaining, Instant Living Lawn, Synthetic Lawn, Irrigation Systems, Timber Slat screening, Living Hedge Screening, Mulches, Pebbles & Moss Rocks. This is just a small selection of installs as we can provide pretty much everything that is imaginable.

Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide is happy to work with budgets and use alternative products to ensure your vision and outcome is achieved at an affordable cost.

Done Professionally, Done NOW – at a price to suit your budget.

Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide have been laying new lawns all over Adelaide for many years now and understand your needs & budget. We have extensive knowledge through experience, schooling and certification in Horticulture & Landscaping to supply quality techniques to ensure you receive the best lawn and preparation at a price our competitors can't match. A new living lawn should last you 30 years (average lifespan) which is why we supply you the best lawn, preparation, soils, fertilisers and service available to survive our varying conditions – soaking cold winters to the hot blistering summers.
Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide supply and install hard wearing, drought tolerant warm season grasses like Fine Leaf Kikuyu, Male Sterile Kikuyu, Dwarf Kikuyu, Sir Walter Buffalo, Kings Pride Buffalo, Santa Anna Couch, Windsor Green Couch all to suit Adelaides' harsh conditions & always looking their best. We provide you with a service that surpasses our competitors where we monitor your new lawn weekly to ensure it is establishing then when needed we edge & mow it to the correct height and run through all the best techniques whilst providing you with your turf management guide for on-going maintenance or we can provide you with our regular lawn care service 2,3 or 4 weekly to ensure your investment and garden is looking the best in the street.
We offer 3 levels or methods to suit your needs, budget or requirements
Bronze service – Lawn Laying only on a fully prepared base (by client)
Silver service – Rotary hoeing existing soil / lawn, fully enriching the soil with fine organic composts & fertilisers and then completely level, roll and lay your lawn.
Gold service – Fully excavate poor soil and introduce 100mm of rich, organic loam, organic pre-start slow release fertilisers and your choice of huge range of lawns.
Ecowise Landscape & Garden – Instant Lawn Adelaide can use the worlds' best technologies to provide you with the most efficient watering systems available. We can install the worlds' most water efficient pop-ups and sub-surface drip irrigation connected to your mains supply or rain water tank.
To obtain a quick quote just provide us with the area in square metres of the area that you would like to be lawn by multiplying the width x the length for example 10m x 5m = 50 sqm and possibly a photo of the area to either or to the text the info to 0414 248 541 and you will have an answer well within 24 hrs. Making things easy for you.
Done Professionally, Done NOW – at a price to suit your budget.