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FORM Homes build quality prefabricated homes in just 12 weeks, through discovering, planning, contracting, and building. Contact us today to get started!

Services We Offer
  • Granny Flats Perth
  • Green Modular Homes
  • Eco Friendly Homes
  • Kit Homes
  • Narrow Lot House Designs
  • Granny Flat Plans
  • Small Eco Homes
About Us

FORM Homes uses the signnature SIPform technology in all of its builds, providing you with technologically advanced building material, that is a bit more expensive initially, but pays for itself over the years being eco-friendly, and energy saving!

Our homes can be used for all kinds of purposes. They're great as granny flats, beach batches, chalets, or as short stay accommodation. We create personalised homes using precision–engineered and lightweight materials that consistently outperform traditional building methods. Find out more today!