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Air Conditioning Craigieburn 3064

Craigieburn is just a short trip up the Hume Highway from the Melbourne CBD. Bordered by Coolaroo, Yuroke and Roxburgh Park, it is a fast growing estate with some magnificent new houses and stunning views thanks to its elevated position. Unfortunately summertime near the hills can be a super hot time of year, si it's important to have a well functioning air conditioning system to keep your family cool.

In this article I will explain a couple of the more popular styles of air conditioners, and the features and benefits of each of them. If you are considering installation of a cooling device, then it is important to talk to at least two local companies. You can find local air conditioners near you by searching through our site.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are many slightly different forms of air conditioning units, but the main two types can be categorised as ducted reverse cycle, and split system. These two systems are explained below.

Split System Air Conditioners

A split system is small, affordable and requires minimal installation work. They are great for heating and cooling small spaces. Whilst split systems do come in different sizes (by sizes I am talking about their output, not their physical size) I would not recommend trying to cool a whole house with one. They are better for heating or cooling zones of your house.

An Example of Split System Air Conditioning

Ducted Cooling Craigieburn

Ducted cooling is often referred to as evaporative air conditioning. Most new houses will come with ducted built in. The ducting is large tubing that pumps the coolness through your entire house through vents in the ceiling. The cool air is generated by a large evaporative unit, oftem placed on the roof, though sometimes somewhere discrete around the side or the back of the house.

Cooling your Home in Craigieburn, Victoria

Roxburgh Park, Yuroke, Wollert, Coolaroo

Craigieburn in Victoria, 3064 is a beautiful housing estate comprised of many new homes. Bordered by such suburbs as Yuroke and Colleroo, Craigieburn stands out above neighbouring suburbs because of its elevation. This gives a lot of residents amazing views of Melbourne city. At only 27 kilometres to the Melbourne CBD along the Hume Highway, Craigieburn is a great place to live for thos who still need to travel to the city for work.Conversely, for those city businesses servicing Coolaroo, Roxburgh Park and Yuroke, the fast drive along the Hume Highway is withing quoting distance for most Air Conditioning Companies.

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